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Are you adenine? Because I want to be paired with U <3 

Welcome to the UCD Biological Society! We are a student-run body devoted to highlighting the beauty of the natural world and nurturing interest in the sciences 🌿

We host various events that anyone with a passion for the environment can enjoy! Some of our favourites include beach cleans, clothes swaps, sea swims and much more!

Our larger events always cause more traction. Our most popular event of the year is the George Sigerson Award for Inspiring Aspiring Scientists. You get to meet and talk to a famous Scientist that has led the field of science in a direction that was never imaginable. We’re talking famous Nobel laureates, COVID-19 vaccine developers and various incredible Scientists 🧪

What are you waiting for? Join our Society today 🥺  Enjoy a cup of coffee at our Coffee Bars ☕️, or even some freshly made candy floss while watching Jurassic park at UCD Cinema 🎞🦖. 

Follow us on our socials to keep up to date on all this BioSoc! 

  • Instagram: @ucdbiosoc 
  • Twitter: @ucd_biosoc 
  • TikTok: @ucdbiosoc 
  • LinkedIn: UCD Biological Society 

Visit our website, where we provide all information needed to our members: www.ucdbiosoc.com

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